Your local McDonald’s® would like to take this opportunity to inform you and your school of the resources that we can provide to help maximize the educational experience for your community. McDonald’s commitment to education is rooted in the philosophy of our founder, Ray Kroc, who believed in giving back and supporting our community.

Academic Achievement

For many years McDonald’s has worked with local schools and school districts to support initiatives that foster academic achievement in the communities that we serve. From local reading programs and school fundraisers, to programs that promote physical activity and nutritional literacy, McDonald’s is committed to helping families and children.

McTeacher's Night® is about YOU!

Today, we are pleased to offer your organization the opportunity to participate in a McTeacher’s Night® fundraising event. This special evening will give your school the opportunity to raise funds for programs, equipment, or any other special projects. In return for your staff’s efforts, McDonald’s will donate a percentage of sales earned during the program to your school. Schedule your event today!